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Luyanta AG is an investment Company being focused on strategic leadership, governance, coordination and consulting of subsidiaries and minority shareholdings as well as third-party companies in exceptional cases.


We are searching for companies in which we can acquire a majority stake (subsidiaries) or a minority stake (Investments). From our perspective, such enterprises are customers as well as Investments.


As further criteria, we are focussing on early stage companies and later stage companies representing sustainable business models, which will be able to achieve high growth margins in the medium and long-term run. At the start of our collaboration, profitability is not a criterion.


Capital will not be provided to any company without having an operational customer relationship and we will not perform any activities requiring approval.
Currently, we are mainly operating in the German speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

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Anne Stohn


Dr Jens Bodenkamp (Chairman)

Erich Hoffmann (Vice Chairman)

Joachim Haedke